Frequently asked questions


In order to webcam, you need a computer with one or even several webcams with or without sound, and a fast Internet connection (preferably without a data limit). You are responsible for getting yourself set up.

You certainly do not have to be a computer expert in order to use our platform. We try to keep our platform as simple as possible. Our customers have indicated that they find it very easy to use. Should you nevertheless have any technical questions, simply contact our support team at any time. This team of experienced female staff are always available to assist you in case of technical questions.

Our platform is suitable for all types of computers and webcams.

How much can I earn?

As a performer through our platform, you earn revenue if visitors visit your show and/or watch your content (videos or pics). The following revenue summary is per paying visitor per minute. Note: When 10 simultaneous visitors watch your show or view your content, you can multiply these amount by factor 10. So make no mistake, good money is waiting for you, right here with ClubisLive!

Every minute a visitor watches your show or content, you will generate at least the following earnings:

  • Earnings per paying visitor per minute: € 0,18
  • Promotion = from € 0,29 per minute
    Promotion is a way to advertise yourself and let new users know that they can find you and chat with you on Islive. When you join our platform, we will create your own private Islive website totally for free. You can promote this website simply by placing links on the Internet. If a new visitor enters IsLive via your Private IsLive Website, you'll receive a bonus commission of € 0,29 for each generated minute. This is regardless whether the visitor chats with you or spends time with another performer on IsLive!
  • As a performer via our platform, you can check your revenues all the time and so you exactly know what your revenues are in any given period. We also provide raw statistics, in cooperation with an independent third party, which gives you 24/7 real time info on how much money you have made. Our system is completely transparent and accountable; you don't have to calculate anything yourself!
  • At the end of each calendar month you will receive an overview of the revenue you made. These revenues will be transferred to you the following month. For example: the revenues made in January will be transferred to your bank account in the first week of March.